Oct 132013

contagion_pt_update_wallpaperIf you missed MY POST yesterday regarding this game then I urge you to check it out as it has only 8 hours remaining on their Kickstarter page!

One key detail that I strangely missed yesterday was that if they reached their goal of $75,000, which they already have done, then it will help towards bringing this game out on other said platforms. Even if they didn’t reach this goal then the game would still be coming out to Linux and mac, but now it has more chance of hitting the platforms sooner rather than later.

So any of you Linux or Mac guys out there you need to check this Kickstarter page out ASAP and get purchasing!

Happy gaming guys!


Oct 122013


zombie_eugene_1920x1080For any of you unaware as to who  Monochrome LLC is then you mustn’t of played one of Half-Life 2′s greatest mods; Zombie Panic source, as this is the game that Monochrome LLC’s founder is responsible for.

I’ve followed this game since my best friend told me about it quite a long time ago, I’ve Googled it from time to time in the hope of getting a release date and more screenshots/gameplay footage. And finally my Googling has paid off as Contagion currently has a kickstarter page, at the time of writing this post it only has 32 hours remaining on it! To get the game you have to pay a minimum of $15 (approx £9)from this following page;


You are guaranteed to get the game once the page has gone past the 32 hours,due to the game already surpassing its $50,000 goal and currently being on $78,242, which is a huge effort considering it has 32 hours left!

I’m already looking forward to getting this game on release and I suggest you pledge the $15(or more!) to get this if you have friends willing to play it with you as well, happy gaming guys!

May 092013

hl2All us lucky Linux users have finally got our pesky hands on the betas for all the Half life 2 games, including the original Half life 2, episode 1, Episode 2 and Lost coast. Bear in mind they’re in BETA, don’t expect 100% functionality!

Half life 2 death match has been available for a while, so this was bound to happen sooner or later, thank you valve for your continued support!

Happy gaming!

May 042013

Only yesterday was the Portal Beta added onto the Linux Steam database. And today Left 4 Dead 2 beta has now been made live, so get your hands on it and download!

Glad to see that Valve are still dedicated to getting their big titles out onto Linux and are showing their support still, lets hope for even more games in the near future.

I was surprised to see Left 4 dead 2 take so long to become available, as it was probably the first Steam game I’d seen in action running natively on Linux, but hey! Its available, killing zombies AWAY!

Mar 062013


So if any of you follow my Gaming in Linux YouTube channel you may be wondering how I actually record my desktop? Well in the past I’ve used most available recorders as I’ve bumped into problems with one to another and just tried to find the all around best recorder, which I’ve found to be FFMPEG.

So first and utmost you want to actually install FFMPEG which requires you to open your terminal and just copy and run this line : sudo apt-get install ffmpeg

Once you’ve got it installed you obviously want to be able to record, which is why you want to keep the terminal open!

This is what my code looks like : ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -s 1920×1080 -i :0.0 -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -crf 0 yeh.mkv -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -acodec pcm_s16le output-ye.wav

But obviously you want to replace a couple of bits!!

Your code : ffmpeg -f x11grab -r 30 -s [YOUR NATIVE RESOLUTION HERE] -i :0.0 -vcodec libx264 -preset ultrafast -crf 0 [VIDEO FILE NAME].mkv -f alsa -ac 2 -i pulse -acodec pcm_s16le [AUDIO FILE NAME].wav

If you’ve got it to run correctly it should show what is in the screenshot at the top, saying something like “Press ctrl+c to stop encoding”

As you might be able to tell the code actually creates two files, one for the video and one for the audio, which is personal preference. There is code lurking about on the internet which creates just one file but if that really matters to you (which it doesn’t to me) then you’ll have to find that code!

The file size can be quite big so i recomend using a video editor like Kdenlive to edit your videos, which will shorten the video size.

Feb 152013

So I go onto Steam today and I’m greeted by this! This is pretty awesome! So go ahead to Steam now and get all the Linux games you can which are 50-75% off!


And also the Tux penguin in game! Steam seems to be having an affair on Windows at the moment and showing all the love to Linux! Get this simply by playing TF2 on Linux before March 1st

Jan 312013

Lately I’ve been dedicating a lot of free time(that i shouldn’t have) on the game The Hidden. Which as mentioned is a free Half-Life 2 modification, and one of the best!

Basically there is one Hidden, who is invisible apart from a faint glow effect. The Hidden wields a knife which has a simple slash attack and an alternate hard attack usually referred to as “pigsticking” and lastly explosives(more provided depending on the amount of people in the server – which is up to 8 on most servers!) The hidden can lunge about easily and pick up objects which can distract the other players who are trying to kill the hidden. The lunge can be used effectively to quickly jump in,attack a player once and jump away to startle them and put them at unease. This is great as it creates really tense moments when you’re hunting the Hidden and some funny moments when you’re the Hidden as you watch people shooting all around them expecting to be able to hit the Hidden.

If you want to try the game out yourself(baring in mind you NEED Half-life 2) then grab it here :  The Hidden Download page

For some video footage check out the video I uploaded yesterday where I wind a few people up as the Hidden;

Nov 072012

Not only is this a big week for Linux gaming, but also a HUGE week for Linux in general. Valve have finally put a firm end on all rumours, and released their “closed” beta to the Linux community. Notice “CLOSED”. I didn’t actually get an invite to the Steam beta, which sort of sucks – but from about 60,000 people only 1000 were chosen.

The great thing to wake up to however, was a post from OMGUbuntu which appeared on my Facebook timeline; instructions on how to install Steam on Linux, ignoring the fact of whether you got an invite OR not. Here is the link to the instructions; http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/11/reddit-users-bypass-valve-linux-beta-invitations

Or if you can’t be bothered going to a different site then here are the instructions:

Open up a terminal and copy and paste these commands.

  1. wget http://media.steampowered.com/client/installer/steam.deb
  2. sudo dpkg -i steam.deb && sudo apt-get install -f

Then From Unity Dash:

  1. Launch Steam App
  2. Login to Steam
  3. You will get a message saying you aren’t in Beta.
  4. Close this.

After these Steam will close, don’t worry its supposed to! What you want to do now is go back into the terminal and use this command; “steam steam://open/games” without the quotations and it should run! However if you’re on AMD64, then go check the OMGUbuntu website for more commands that you’ll need.

Steam recognised all the games I had and the ones that were also compatible with Linux as shown in the picture, SADLY no Team Fortress 2, however I noticed Killing floor on there, which is AWESOME.

I’m really hoping that from this Linux will begin to start getting the popularity that it deserves, obviously people won’t switch straight to Linux because of Steam, but lets just be patient and see what this brings. Happy gaming Linuxers ;)

UPDATE: here is a video I made guys backing this blog post, check it out.



Nov 062012

Now, this game takes me back. I remember it being a game which worked on Linux way back on something like Ubuntu 7.04, and one of the games that started my love for video games. Although at this time I had no idea about “online gaming” so stuck to playing single-player .. on easy, and thinking I was amazing. I remember it being an incredibly confusing game when it came to getting to grips with sniper rifles, I had an enemies head directly in the middle of my sights but somehow always missed. Obviously having no thought that wind would effect where my bullet would land. Also remembering being able to hop into a tank and feeling indestructible. It was a completely different take on its incredibly popular rival Call of Duty, there was so much more to Battlefield yet, when ever I mentioned it to someone I knew they had never heard of it!

The awesome thing is 10 years on into the Battlefield series, Origin have decided to let people have this game for free! Now this is frigging awesome. What a way to celebrate 10 years of what I think is the best FPS series you can get, to download it you have to get it from the demo section on the Origin website. In my opinion Origin is a pain in the arse, it really is. But setting everything up just to get BF1942 for FREE is totally worth it, get it now guys since I’ve got no idea whether it is free for a limited time!



Nov 022012

Oh hey guys! Decided to drop through here and make a blog post…since I haven’t done so in two months! My site sort of became a “there’s a new humble indie bundle!” site since they are becoming more and more frequent.. But thought I’d point out a couple of things in the post, starting off with me seeing Muse!

If you didn’t know, Muse are kind of my favourite band – and I made seeing them live a thing to do SOON. I’m not much of a person when it comes to reviewing stuff either, so you just need to know it was an experience of a lifetime. Feels like I’m not giving it much credit from just that though! Couple of funny things happened during the gig, I was in the standing area, which was probably the best choice. I sort of elbowed a girl in the face which I felt so bad for, but she (and a few other people actually) did seem really boring since she was just standing there, did she realise MUSE were playing?! People were also getting really pissed off with one particular guy who thought he was at a heavy metal concert barging into everyone, and then decided to light a fag which wound everyone up. And everyone ended up thanking me (felt a hero) for basically telling him to go away, in a bit more of an ill manner then a simple go away, but you don’t need details. After seeing them I’ve made seeing them again a MUST do.

Moving on to some Linux related news, yay! So for many years the Linux community has been fed with rubbish rumours of Steam coming to Linux, sometimes it got a little out of hand. BUT this time, its really really real. Like…100% real! They are even picking 1000 people to play around with the Linux beta, which is awesome! To apply for the beta on Linux go here : http://www.valvesoftware.com/linuxsurvey.php , there is sadly no comment box since I was hoping the time and effort I’ve put into gaming in Linux through my YouTube account would of helped me along! So stay posted guys just in case I do manage to get my hands on the beta, these are exciting times for Linux gamers and just gamers in general!